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Finding the Sweet Spot Between Marketing & Operations

Kicking off Season 2 of Restaurants Reinvented, in honor of International Women’s Month, Jen talks to Heather Leed Neary, former President at Auntie Anne’s and now at KBP Investments overseeing Taco Bell franchisees. Hear how she’s making the transition from Franchisor to Franchisee and all the great advice she has for marketers as a former CMO. (PS – Lobbies are open!)

Redefining Loyalty: From Points & Discounts to Understanding Your Customer

Meet two leading loyalty and digital marketing experts: Diane Le from Punchh and Olga Lopategui from Ollo Consult, as we dish on all things Restaurant Loyalty. Tune in to hear how to build more meaningful relationships with your guests and all the fundamentals of a “modern day restaurant loyalty program.” Most importantly, the two agree, is a focus on understanding your customer better, establishing relevancy, and building a one-to-one relationship that shows you care.

Outperforming the QSR Category with Clarity & Focus – Barry Westrum

On this episode of Restaurants Reinvented, we talk to 4-time CMO Barry Westrum who’s turning up the heat for the Midwestern taco darling Taco John’s, which operates nearly 400 restaurants in 23 states. Hear how the chaos of COVID and a brand in flux became the positive instigator for growth that Taco John’s needed to inject new life into the 50-year old brand. 

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