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Chief Marketing Officer

Paying It Forward During a Pandemic – Jodi Boyce, Teriyaki Madness

Jodi Boyce joined Teriyaki Madness 4 years ago as the EVP of Marketing. Since then, this irreverent and fun brand has experienced 3x growth and is still opening new locations through the pandemic. Hear Jodi’s secrets to success – from simplicity, value, and menu innovation to technology, data, and thriving on a limited budget. But paramount to her success is “getting more bowls in people’s hands” and driving franchisee profitability. Jodi also shares how Teriyaki Madness’ “Pay it Forward” promotion fed more than 6,000 healthcare workers and first responders while also reviving business.

The Real Way to Build Brand Loyalty & Trust – Andy Hooper, &Pizza

Join the president of &Pizza as he divulges unique ways this iconic & beloved DC-based pizza company builds brand loyalty with their tribes, communities, and customers. As one of the first all-in restaurants to stand up text messaging, their people-first philosophy is paying dividends for the brand, as evidenced by 600% increase in digital sales for some of their suburban pizza shops during the pandemic. Andy also talks about how they’re accelerating their growth plans during the pandemic and doubling-down on digital. From promotions like hero pies to chanting for Bryce Harper to strike out – this is one brand going way above and beyond — “doing well by doing good.”

An Unconventional Marketer Brings the Freshest Perspective – Brian Hipsher, BIBIBOP and Charleys

Brian explains his ‘unconventional’ path and experiences in Human Resources, Operations and Technology roles, which eventually led to Head of Marketing positions for City BBQ and now BIBIBOP and Charleys Philly Steaks. With a differentiated brand platform built upon well-being and empathy; Brian’s brands are shining through the darkest of pandemic days, as growth continues and new store openings are planned through the year. Listening to Brian you’ll realize the value in a non-linear career path and staying open to new opportunities as they present themselves.

Dunkin’ Runs on Digital – Brandy Blackwell, Dunkin’ Brands

Hear how Dunkin’ is brewing its digital and delivery strategy during a global pandemic (Hint: It’s not a light roast) with the original off-prem diva, Brandy Blackwell. After nearly tripling the number of delivery locations, adding curbside options, and improving app functionality—Dunkin’ is not slowing down anytime soon with Brandy on board. From prioritizing team, culture, and franchise relationships to keen financial acumen and business grit, Dunkin’ and Brandy are running full speed ahead.

Pushing for a Better Customer Experience – Donna Josephson, Corner Bakery

Donna talks about her atypical entry into the industry, that began when she was recruited by Chik-fil-A for grassroots marketing in her community. Hear about the lessons she’s learned about teamwork, and how Corner Bakery is adapting its business model to facilitate good customer experience during a pandemic. Donna highlights the necessity for marketers to “push” for new ideas others might not think possible. She stresses the value of cross-functional teams and for marketers to embrace all aspects of the operation – from product R&D to interior design.

Nostalgia is the Best (Marketing) Ingredient – Lokelani Alabanza, Saturated

The Nashville-based entrepreneur, Lokelani Alabanza, discusses reinvention and finding her own identity by mixing nostalgia with her roots to create a new kind of ice cream legacy. With inspiration from black-authored cookbooks, she shares her love of storytelling by weaving the past into the future through photos, recipes, and now pop-up tents selling out of her ice cream. Hear how this executive pastry chef, turned creamery expert, launched a CBD Vegan Ice Cream business during the pandemic.

Coffee, Community, and DIY Culture – Jessica Smith of Groundwork Coffee

Meet Jessica Smith, the Marketing Director at Groundwork Coffee, an all-organic coffee brand based in LA celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Jessica talks about the importance of tying a company’s mission to its community, the excitement of brand refreshes and the spark of a DIY culture during the pandemic. Hear about her multi-channel strategy, how she’s staying relevant with the at-home brewing trend, and getting more comfortable with risk in marketing.

Qu Partners with Franklin Junction to Power Host Kitchens

In an effort to help restaurant operators recoup losses from the pandemic and build long-term success, Qu is partnering with Franklin Junction to launch Host Kitchens. Host Kitchens, powered by Qu’s unified technology solution, KitchenUP, enable operators to leverage excess kitchen capacity.

Why Brand Innovation is Essential for Survival – Steph Hoppe, Brand Cultivator & Restaurant Insider

Jen Kern talks with Steph Hoppe, a two-time CMO at Bar Louie and LYFE Kitchen who most recently served as 7-Eleven’s VP of Marketing. Steph outlines her path from dishwasher to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and all the stops in-between, sharing how she’s kept a focus on innovation and transformation for restaurant brands. Steph currently provides fractional CMO services for clients, helping them grow brand performance, engagement and revenue.

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