Cupbop, otherwise known as “A steaming cup of WOW!” has selected Qu as its full-stack technology partner for their 46-and-growing US locations. The new-age fast-casual restaurant chain is consolidating its omnichannel ordering systems onto Qu’s unified platform—using POS, kiosk, and Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) for in-store; and Qu’s native online ordering and direct third-party delivery integrations for digital.

From humble food-truck beginnings to starring on Shark Tank, Cupbop’s journey has been anything but boring. The Korean “party in a cup” concept needed a futuristic technology partner to match the brand’s forward-leaning values and aggressive growth goals.
Qu’s unified commerce platform provides Cupbop with the flexibility, speed, and scalability needed to continue its rapid expansion. The robust configuration tools available in Qu’s single backend will unify corporate and franchise groups under one solid architectural foundation. And Qu’s unique in-store cloud solution delivers increased stability to drive transaction speeds, protect guest data, and eliminate single points of failure.

Since opening their first food truck in 2013, Cupbop’s top priority has been to bring joy to their customers and employees. Before working with Qu, Cupbop had differing corporate and franchise infrastructures—making management of labor, data, and menus very difficult and time-consuming.

Qu’s API-first architecture unifies ordering data and process, creating a more fluid experience for guests, store managers and franchisees. The unified ordering ecosystem delivers experience consistency and order accuracy while giving Cupbop guests more choices and customization for when, where, and how orders are placed.

Cupbop is taking full advantage of Qu’s enterprise platform, especially when it comes to labor efficiency. Cupbop franchisees and store managers can track employee activity and real-time sales easier than ever with Notify, Qu’s AI-driven mobile app that delivers real-time data and forecasting via mobile phone.


Qu is beyond proud to add Cupbop to its growing list of fast casual and QSR customers. Welcome to the #QuFam! 

About Cupbop

While you may have first heard of Cupbop from the popular TV show, Shark Tank, Cupbop’s reputation speaks for itself. In 2013 Junghun Song started the first Cupbop food truck in Utah believing Korean food had all the necessary ingredients to appeal to the world. 

Today you can find Cupbop storefronts, food trucks, and concession stands in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Oklahoma. Cupbop is a forward-thinking brand that is focused on moving its restaurant tech into the future to enable rapid growth, increased guest experience, and employee satisfaction.

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