Luke’s Lobster Case Study


Customer Overview

With Over Twenty-Seven Locations and Growing, Luke’s Lobster is Expanding in Footprint and Geography.

Luke’s Lobster first opened its doors in New York’s East Village in 2009 and now brings sustainable seafood to guests across the country. Luke’s buys seafood directly from fishermen they trust and prepares it in authentic Maine style, pure and simple without fillers. In addition, supporting and giving back to local communities is a key tenet at Luke’s and as such they choose partners who help them uphold their commitment to sourcing superior, sustainable ingredients.

The Challenge

In Order to Manage Rapid Growth and Integrate Application Partners, Luke’s Needed a Robust Pos Solution to Position Themselves for the Future.

Like many entrepreneurs, Luke’s Lobster founder Luke Holden did not start out with the goal of creating a national restaurant chain—but he soon recognized the potential of Luke’s Lobster. Luke’s began its operations with a legacy, client-server based POS and then gave a tablet POS solution a try. Soon, however, they realized that both systems lacked the stability and feature sets they needed to scale up their operations.

“The POS providers we had were not going to get us to that 50-100 unit level, not just because of the way they handled data, but also the way they integrated with other applications and partners,” said Steve Song, Luke’s CFO. Thus began their search for an enterprise-class POS system that offered scalability and extensibility. Luke’s needed a platform that worked with third-party application partners and made integrating with these outside systems seamless.


The restaurant industry is moving to a place where customers decide how they want to engage with you.

Steve Song
Luke’s Lobster

The Solution

The Desire for a POS Platform That Worked With Their Existing Partners Through an API Centric Architecture Made Qu the Top Choice for Luke’s.

Finding a platform that would grow with the company involved the Luke’s team
seeking input from their various operational partners and soliciting information from a variety of POS providers. The team set up a grading system to evaluate the features it desired and used that to score the vendors. After evaluating a number of platforms, Luke’s Lobster chose Qu’s POS. “Qu was the top choice for us both in terms of the functionality, as well as their user friendliness with an emerging brand like ours,” Song said.

“Before Qu, attempting to make the POS seamless meant seven or eight different people logging into the system and re-coding things,” said Song. “I like the fact that with Qu I can personally go in and edit the menu and adjust things in real time, as well as have the ability to see what was done and how it was done.”

“In today’s world, customers decide how they want to engage with you, whether that’s calling on the phone, engaging with a kiosk, placing an order online, or using a mobile app,” Song said. “To enable this, we need a system that can work with our partners and apps without needing additional labor to field all those channels.”

The Results

The Qu and Luke’s Partnership Enables the Chain to Oversee Their Locations Through One System, Integrate Best of Breed Partners to Improve the Guest Experience, and Manage Smart Growth.

Because Qu is cloud-based, there is one central enterprise-level database that is accessed by the system, thereby eliminating the cost and complexity associated with maintaining and updating an individual POS database for each new restaurant. The transparency that comes with a single system allows Luke’s management team to collect and analyze data in real time and quickly make actionable decisions. “That’s been a huge weight off my back as far as the financial side of things,” Song said. “Not having to play detective and figure out where things went wrong has allowed me to focus on helping the business grow versus chasing down numbers.”

Luke’s satisfaction with its choice of Qu extends to the support they receive. “Before Qu, anytime we wanted to make a change, it was the equivalent of gutting a 100-year old pre-war building and trying to install a new electrical system,” Song said. “We now have a more robust, transparent solution to position us for the future. And a true partnership. We never feel like Customer Number 2 with Qu.”

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