Flexible Kiosk Options

for Optimized Operations


Flexible. Integrated.

Freedom of choice.

Qu’s kiosk options will help you more confidently manage labor challenges with flexible POS devices or standalone kiosk options.

Our “flex” POS kiosk can swivel to be cashier or guest-facing based on your in-store traffic and labor availability. Plus, bundling software and hardware with Qu removes pricey hardware costs. 

Empower your guests with endless choice and customization that increases per ticket averages and lowers operational costs. Finally an affordable kiosk option that won’t destroy your budget!

  • Direct POS and kitchen integration
  • Consistent, unified menu management
  • Brandable user interface
  • Familiar order and payment flow
  • Deep item and menu customization
Self-service ordering can increase check totals by 30%
Optimize in-store operations
Confront labor shortages head-on and lower operational costs. Bust your in-store lines and reduce overall wait times.
Increase revenue
Empower guests with limitless customization, while boosting top-line revenue with bigger per ticket averages.
Consistency in self-service

Delightful ordering experiences, powered by single menu management, an easy user experience, and direct integrations with your POS and KDS.

Increase in average check size
In today's world, customers decide how they want to engage with you: from phone and online ordering to mobile apps and kiosks. Qu works seamlessly...without needing additional labor to support all those channels.

Vice President, Yogurt Mountain

Kiosk Features

  • Convenient, familiar self-service interface
  • Deep item customization functionality
  • Rich, image-based ordering experiences
  • Limited time offer and promotional capabilities
  • Consistent, single menu management

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