Modern restaurant brands are challenged to support a wider range of ordering channels and hand-offs than ever before. Kitchens are definitely feeling the heat, with employees increasingly challenged to produce food efficiently and accurately, while meeting the demands of customers expecting speedy delivery times. Couple all of that pressure with a protracted labor shortage, and it’s obvious that restaurants need technology that can expedite order preparation with smaller kitchen staff, while still delighting customers.

Fresh Food. Fast Fulfillment.


A critical component of any modern restaurant’s tech stack, Qu’s new KDS technology is designed to:

  • Provide consistency, predictability, and reliability for all your order channels and kitchen staff
  • Drive operational efficiencies and savings, with robust production data and order information
  • Directly integrate with Qu’s industry-leading platform, ordering solutions, and architecture

With the introduction of the newest member of our kitchen product family, Qu now enables and supports every step of the ordering, production, and hand off process for enterprise restaurants. Our new Kitchen Display System provides food and order fulfillment technology that seamlessly connects your Front of House with your Back of House, providing fully-integrated solutions to help manage every aspect of your restaurant operations.

Simplicity: Dynamic Cells and Consistent Workflows


Qu KDS is defined by familiarity and standardization. In line with Qu’s overall user interface ethos, our Kitchen Display System uses a simple, yet sophisticated graphical layout and uniform workflows to help kitchen staff make sense of each order, each time.

Order information is contained within dynamic cells, which clearly communicate crucial order information to kitchen staff throughout the entire food production and expo process:

  • Detailed order, item, and fulfillment data
  • Order heuristics, including order age, timing, and health cell indicators
  • Item statuses (different colors for new, modified, voided, and resurrected orders)
  • Item and portion switching
  • Ticket-specific information (Ordering, Paid, Add-on, and Zombie)
Forward-looking tech and an intuitive user experience helps keep your kitchen running in tip-top shape.

The intuitive user interface was designed to ensure that your staff is able to organize their workloads based on visual cues about the status of orders, and how they are aging. Qu KDS also supports order navigation and bump bar functionality, allowing staff to move through orders, make check-level edits, and undo previous actions.

Qu’s solution also provides alerts that notify your team when customers and delivery personnel are close to the restaurant and onsite, allowing for further prioritization of orders. Leveraging this feature helps drive efficiencies in both your front and back of house operations: you get the right orders out of the kitchen at the right time, meaning your guests spend less time waiting on orders to be ready.

Flexibility: Different Configurations and Production Modes


Qu KDS was designed and purpose-built to handle the unique needs of different restaurants and kitchen dynamics. Administrators and managers can customize how quickly orders appear on screen, with the ability to select three different firing modes:

  • Fire on fly: Items will appear on-screen immediately
  • Fire on next: Items will appear on-screen after the next item is ordered
  • Fire on tender: Items will appear when the current check is paid for and closed

Additionally, our solution supports two different screen types, allowing KDS to be leveraged for both food preparation and order fulfillment modes. The first, Production, limits the amount of data presented to kitchen staff, to focus specifically on order and item prep. The second, Fulfillment, contains additional information (like order type and channel) to assist with expo and order hand-off.

Part of Qu’s suite of native Kitchen Production Solutions, KDS ensures that your orders are prepared quickly and accurately.

Optimization: Built for the busiest of Fast Casual and Quick Service concepts


With busier kitchens powered by busier staff, efficient end-to-end in-store operations are more crucial than ever for enterprise brands. The ability to extract and analyze data related to what is ordered, how much time things take to produce, and eventually, fulfill the order empowers operators with the visibility and agility to refine and optimize production dynamics.

Additionally, KDS’ hardware is also up to the challenge, designed and selected specifically for busy, fast-paced production environments. This is technology built to take the heat of even your busiest locations and dayparts, propped up by software that speeds up and simplifies food prep and order fulfillment.

Finally, our stable, edge computing-powered platform delivers unparalleled levels of reliability and uptime for kitchens, keeping your back of house humming even when connectivity is a challenge. Your terminals are constantly to connected to each other and a replicated in-store cloud, allowing for redundancy and business continuity if and when networks fail.


Deploy Qu’s restaurant technology stack to succeed today and tomorrow

Qu’s industry-leading restaurant tech solutions give brands the ability to successfully take, make, and serve orders in an increasingly-crowded, competitive marketplace. Modern guests are increasingly tech-savvy and expect consistent, differentiated experiences, no matter where orders are placed or where they’re going.

Our data-powered platform and highly-usable, stable products give Fast Casual and Quick Service restaurants the ability to delight guests today and the power to scale successfully tomorrow. If you’d like to see how, click here to speak to a member of our team.

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