Qu recently released the industry’s first voice-activated mobile reporting app, Notify™. The app enables store managers and franchise owners to engage with their stores’ data quickly and easily, and in a natural way, unlocking important insights to business performance in real time, from anywhere, on their smartphones. Currently in beta testing with several active customers, Notify is your decision-making and analytics assistant. From your phone you can monitor:

Business Performance & Critical Metrics

  • Keep tabs on critical business metrics like Net Sales, Labor Costs, Average Check Size, Discounts, Promotions, Gift Card Sales, and more. 
  • Monitor one store, group of stores or your full enterprise from one screen.
  • Compare performance against same time last week, month, year, or quarter. And, compare your store against benchmarks and KPIs.
  • Better manage employees and shifts based on labor details like labor costs/hours, clocked in and out, open shifts, and more based on sales volume and other key operational benchmarks. 

Smart Alerts & Custom Alerts

  • Get alerted when important aspects of your business change (i.e., swings in net sales and transaction counts, number of checks) with an in-app experience. 
  • Smart Alerts use Machine Learning models to decipher trends and abnormalities in the data. They only trigger alerts for meaningful changes in your business (not everything under sun).
  • Set custom alerts on key metrics to surface the most valuable opportunities for driving revenue or cutting costs.

Voice and Chatbots

  • Analyze your business performance in a more natural and fluid way.
  • Explore your performance data by asking questions and getting immediate answers, as if talking to a financial analyst via Siri. 
  • Work outside the confines of traditional reporting structures and go where you need to understand your business.

Why Qu Customers are excited about Notify

At Qu, we always aim to offer our customers new products and capabilities to simplify their daily lives. Notify does just that. It works on your behalf, like having your own personal digital reporting assistant that’s always working behind the scenes. And it’s convenient, fast, and simple! Other benefits include: 

    • Drive revenue & profit margins with real-time reporting & analytics.
    • Optimize business performance and minimize losses with instant performance data updates.
    • Manage your business on the move, with quick access to KPIs.
    • BYOD/OS Agnostic – Notify works on Android or iPhone.

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