Enterprise Management

Centralized Multi-Brand Management

One Powerful Portal.



Restaurant Administration.

Save resources, money, and time with dynamic, contextual management for all locations, menus, and products. Qu’s unified approach to restaurant administration changes the game for enterprise operators.
Our centralized administrative portal gives brands the power and agility to provide truly interconnected guest experiences, while delivering consistency and control.
  • Multi-brand, multi-location management and reporting
  • One core processing engine for all channels
  • Centralized configurations
  • Robust, real-time reporting
Reduce time spent on menu management by up to 90%
Turn complexity into calm

Minimize time and resources spent on restaurant administration, reducing operational effort and complexity.

Endless flexibility
Deep customization capabilities give you the power to modify your stores, menus, and items to your heart’s content, and gives your guests more choice.
Complete ownership

Qu’s powerful administrative portal gives restaurant brands the control and data they need to get ahead of change and own their guest experience.

Qu helps Freebirds get our guests their favorites faster, whether they order at the counter, online or through our app, and whether they want to pick up in-store, curbside or delivered to their door. Qu’s unique cloud-based architecture allows us to experiment with more mobile and non-traditional outlets, opening up new growth opportunities for our company.

- Alex Eagle, Chief Executive Officer, Freebirds World Burrito

Enterprise Management Features

  • Granular permissioning and user administration
  • Employee and labor administration
  • Tax and discount management
  • Dynamic, contextual items and menus
  • Full POS and ordering channel integrations
  • Native reporting capabilities

Robust Enterprise Management & Configurations

Qu EI Labor

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