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Qu’s dedicated, all-in-one ghost kitchen product, KitchenUP offers a unified platform to manage all orders and kitchen workflows. Now you can deploy new virtual brands and cloud kitchen concepts quickly, without technology getting in the way.
Unleash new revenue streams with our light-weight, digital-first architecture that allows you to focus on delivering great food and an even better virtual brand experience.
  • Single tablet, single menu order management
  • Native third-party integrations
  • One consistent workflow for all partners
  • API-first, microservices architecture
  • Centralized reporting
Fully-integrated, intuitive tech for virtual brands and cloud kitchen concepts
Purpose-built tech

Deploy virtual brand and cloud concepts quickly, without having to stress about operational technology.

Simplicity to help you scale

KitchenUP harnesses cloud-native architecture to help brands break into new markets and expand reach with ease.

All-in-one, out-of-the-box

We consolidate the tech required to successfully launch and operate your new kitchen concept in one fully-packaged solution.

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Growth in the cloud and ghost kitchen market from 2021 - 2027
Speed was really important to us and we felt very confident that Qu had a solution and a collaborative approach that would enable us to deploy quickly and reach our goals.

- Doug Wilmarth, Chief Marketing Officer, Genghis Grill

Customers Rave About:

  • Incredible speed to launch new virtual brands
  • One place to manage all virtual brand ordering+KDS
  • Single menu management with a single tablet
  • Automatic order acceptance and injection
  • Bi-directional third-party order APIs
  • Direct integration with KDS

10 Best Practices for Launching a Virtual Brand & Ghost Kitchen

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