Case Study

Taco John's

Deploying Qu’s Unified POS, KDS, kiosk & notify solutions for this 400-unit chain.

The Challenge

Current systems unequipped to handle spikes in off-premise ordering

Taco John’s online ordering and drive-thru business skyrocketed during the pandemic and hasn’t slowed down since. This quickly precipitated the need for a modern, agile and reliable omni-channel ordering system.

  • Unstable Systems cause frequent crashes and lost sales
  • Data-driven insights not available
  • Inefficient training model
The Solution

Taco John’s deploys Qu’s unified commerce platform

By implementing Qu’s entire product suite; POS,  KDS, kiosk, Notify app, drive-thru, online ordering, and third-party ordering, Taco John’s was able to keep up with the increased online and drive-thru orders without fear of systems crashing.

Qu’s automated systems allocated time back to restaurant operators and Franchisees allowing them better to manage labor, sales, and store operations.

  • Increased redundancy and no systems crashes with Qu’s enterprise cloud model
  • Real-time data with the Notify app
  • Decreased labor hours using Qu’s POS
  • Increased drive-thru speed with the use of Qu’s in-store flex kiosk during peak times hours. 

Top 10 Components of a
Unified Commerce Platform

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