Kitchen Display System

Optimized Kitchens

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Get your food where it’s wanted.


Kitchens are hustling harder than ever, with orders streaming in from in-store, third-party, and self-service. No matter where orders are coming from or where they’re touching down, our native Kitchen Display System is the quarterback of your back of house.

  • Direct integration with your Qu point of sale
  • Dynamic, responsive order cells
  • Three order firing modes
  • Production and Fulfillment display modes
  • Bi-directional restaurant and guest messaging
Consistent workflows that can increase food margins by 6%
Optimize the guest experience

Standardized workflows that drive speed and accuracy, no matter where your guests are.

Consistency across order channels

Powered by Qu’s dynamic cells and detailed order info, the KDS user interface won’t leave your kitchen staff guessing.

Increase margins, reduce waste

Ditching the printer and embracing kitchen technology means you can reduce costs and minimize waste in your kitchen.

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Reduction in order errors
From the start, Qu has been great to work with. Upon signing the deal with Qu, we were able to immediately deploy 5 new systems in under two weeks.

- Vice President of Operations, The Simple Greek

Best of Back of House:

  • Fire on fly, next, and tender
  • Intuitive food prep and expo modes
  • Detailed order data
  • Order information, status, and health info
  • Customer ETA alerts

Mastering the Balance: Red-Hot Dining Experiences & To-Go Only Concepts, Tana Davila, CMO at P.F. Chang's


Your Digital Transformation
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Your Digital Transformation
Journey Begins Here

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