Commerce Cloud

Three Layers of Redundancy

for your peace of mind


Unrivaled Speed.

Unparalleled Stability.

Architecture built for today’s modern restaurant
Stronger Connections

Qu’s industry-first Commerce Cloud is powered by robust, multi-direction connections between terminals, clients, the public cloud and our replicated in-store cloud.

Higher Uptime

Our customers boast 99.999% uptime after switching to Qu’s cloud native platform. We incorporated multiple layers of failover for in-store tech, so your restaurant continuously operates.

No Lost Transactions

Transactional data stored in multiple terminals and locations means that if the network or a terminal goes down, you can recover quickly and accurately, as if nothing happened.

Qu was built from the cloud down to the POS, not from the POS up to the cloud like many first-gen cloud providers have done. This translates into much higher stability & speed for restaurant ordering and transactions."

- Peter Wiley, co-founder, Rapid Fired Pizza & Hot Head Burritos

Most Loved Features:

  • 99.999% platform uptime levels
  • Offline payments acceptance
  • Multiple failure backstops
  • Microservices-first architecture
  • Ledger-driven recovery capabilities
  • Data redundancy and real-time data access

Top 10 Components of a
Unified Commerce Platform

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