Reporting & Notify

Robust Reporting.

Real-time data.


Data and Insights to Keep

Your Restaurant Humming

Data, reporting, and predictive analytics, delivered real-time to your desktop and mobile device. Stay ahead of the game with actionable sales, labor, and product performance insights, summoned by hand or by the sound of your voice.

  • Real-time updates
  • Predictive analytics
  • AI-enabled
  • Forecasting capabilities
  • Voice-activated insights
  • Reporting on-the-go
Better insights to help you better your brand
Uncover trends faster

Updated in real-time, Qu’s Reporting helps you identify patterns so you can act quickly. Get ahead of change with predictive analytics and forecasting.

Optimize your operations

Manage your restaurant masterfully, with normalized data and robust reporting that gives you visibility into the performance of your stores, staff, and items.

Reporting on your terms

Notify’s voice- and chat-enabled functionality puts insights into the palm of your hand, while our open APIs give you the ability to customize according to your unique Reporting needs.

“We’re particularly impressed with Qu’s mobile reporting and voice-enabled app Notify, which greatly benefits our franchisees and store managers with quick, easy access to their sales data.”

- Huey Magoo’s, Head of IT

Key Reporting & Notify Features

  • Customizable store, labor, and item reporting
  • Voice- and chat-enabled mobile application
  • Trend identification and comparative analytics
  • Open Reporting API

Finally, an App that Saves Your Store Managers Time & Money

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