4th Annual State of Digital Report for QSR & Fast Casual Chains

We heard from CXOs at 85+ brands representing over 37,000 locations about their key priorities and initiatives for the next two years. 

This report summarizes the data reported, including investment priorities, top innovations, and critical business challenges they’re aiming to solve. 

In this 30-page report you’ll learn: 

  • Top 8 technology trends to watch for in 2023
  • Average off-prem sales volume over next 3 years
  • Key strategic initiatives enterprise brands are prioritizing
  • Systems ranking across functional areas
  • Plus, some good news that restaurant operators can bank on
See how your restaurant compares with peers in FC & QSR from a performance and strategic business perspective
(Every restaurant business is unique — this data is segmented with findings most applicable for Fast Casual and QSR brands over 25 locations)

Guides - State of Digital Report - 2023

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