Genghis Grill, owned by Mongolian Concepts, announced today an entirely new virtual brand, Stir Fry Chef, launched using partner Qu’s KitchenUP order management solution. New virtual brand, Stir Fry Chef has been rolled out in 36 locations in under 8 weeks. This new brand will expose Genghis Grill to a new market, expand guest reach and drive incremental sales.
Market survey reports indicate that 50% of enterprise brands will launch some form of ghost, host or cloud kitchen concept in 2021, a market which is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2030.
The average time for a brand to launch can take up to 6 months but, Genghis Grill avoided this delay and was able to roll out in 2 months using Qu’s best-in-class unified ghost kitchen platform, KitchenUP. This new opportunity will expand the brand’s reach through the new guest ordering channel which was made possible by partnering with Qu.
KitchenUP is a fully packaged solution for managing any type of cloud kitchen operation. It harnesses light-weight, digital-first architecture to provide unified order and kitchen management via a cloud-based single menu and single tablet solution.
All cross-channel, cross-brand menus, orders, management, and reporting is centralized in one consistent place. The goal is to empower restaurants to spin out new concepts in a matter of weeks, not months or years, without worrying about technology constraints.
Next, Willmarth is looking to launch Qu’s native online ordering for the virtual concept, creating a new owned website where they can build a direct relationship with guests; talking and connecting to them without additional parties, removing a costly pain point that affects restaurants.

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