Technology is NOT perfect.

Problems happen, and imperfection is inevitable. But when it comes down to running a profitable restaurant, consider the following…

  • How do you protect what’s most important – your profits – when things don’t go as planned?
  • How do you support your staff through difficulties?
  • How do your partner teams respond when problems arise?
  • What is the value of 100% uptime?

Restaurant operations can only thrive when coupled with fast and effective customer support. And true support starts long before you pick up the phone (or submit a ticket) to put out a fire.

What’s The Impact on Your Bottom Line

Fluctuating wait times and inconsistent resolutions leave your staff shackled to the support line.

Ultimately, time spent troubleshooting is time lost providing top-notch service to your guests, frustrated staff, and, most importantly, lost revenue.

While the average speed of answer for the industry is around 3 minutes – and premier standards are above 1 minute – Qu maintained a sub-30-second average speed of answer for the entirety of 2023.

When vetting new technology partners, prioritize a team that puts support at the top of their priorities list


Qu has maintained a sub-30 second avg speed of answer for the entirety of 2023.

The value of a specialized support team

Top-notch customer support directly impacts customer retention, lifetime value, and overall business growth.

When investing in new tech, seek a partner that invests in…

  • Comprehensive training programs for their team to establish expertise across defined problem categories.
  • Teams that are dedicated to offering top-tier service to each customer, not a one size fits all approach.
  • Various communication channels that will connect you with a team member specifically trained to handle your issue swiftly.

This specialized approach offers predictable, expert assistance, alleviating the frustration of inconsistent support experiences and ensuring uptime when faced with the unexpected.

Is your POS Designed to Prevent or Create Issues?

Customer support systems should quickly resolve issues, minimize impact, and diminish the need for support in the first place. But the question is… is your POS built to prevent issues?

Look for an intuitive, user-friendly interface

Seek an easy-to-use terminal that diminishes the extensive training that more complicated POS systems require. Not only does this get employees up and running in less time, it means they’ll have an easier time fulfilling their day-to-day responsibilities once they are. With fewer errors and the confidence to troubleshoot without external help, employees spend less time on the helpline and more time serving customers.

An intuitive interface also comes in handy when your team needs a helping hand from support staff. Agile software platforms intentionally avoid unnecessary complexity that can lead to extensive troubleshooting calls. So even if you get a little lost, you’re never too far from finding your way back with the guidance of a support agent and an easy-to-navigate system.

Reap value from a resilient and adaptable infrastructure 

We understand how frustrating it is to have the same problem constantly resurface across restaurant locations. It can feel like playing a game of wack-a-mole, just waiting for the familiar problem to pop back up.

Find a partner who takes a proactive, not reactive approach. Key things to look for:

  • A team that can quickly single out and resolve faults without disrupting the entire system.
  • A solution that is always improving — how often are product updates taking place? Don’t settle for mediocrity, Qu releases every 3 weeks, and this should be expected when working with an enterprise-focused provider. 
  • Architecture built for scale: You should feel rest assured that as your business grows, your support calls won’t grow with it.

An API-led microservices architecture allows Qu’s support team to quickly extinguish small fires before they run wild. Unlike monolithic systems, where a single fault can take months to fix or lead to a catastrophic system failure, Qu’s next-generation framework is separated into independent services (“micro-services”) designed to isolate and fix faults, maintain uptime, and reduce the likelihood of complete system failure.

A Personalized Approach to Customer Support

Qu is not just a service provider. We’re partners in the success and growth of enterprise restaurant brands. Every restaurant has unique needs requiring innovative solutions. That’s why we personalize the customer support experience for every brand.

We take a hands-on approach, crafting customized, brand-specific training sessions to address your key challenges. This personalized approach is an investment in stability that empowers our brand partners to build profitable, scalable operations.

We take it seriously in saying we’re a partner in your operation – not just a service provider.

In this era where anonymous and robotic support is the norm, we take pride in challenging this status quo. That’s why Qu offers consistent points of contact that allow restaurants to develop relationships with a person in tune with their history and needs. We believe this adds a much-needed human element to the technical support process while eliminating the learning curve needed to offer faster, more effective resolutions.

Your success is our success, and we’re committed to supporting your growth every step of the way.

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