If you’re looking to move beyond technology fragmentation and disjointed solutions to a more unified, data-driven future, you’ll want to check out this webinar featuring the powerhouse trio of Amir Hudda (Qu’s CEO), Fred LeFranc (Results Thru Strategy Founder), and Mike Lukianoff (Restaurant Analytics and Data Expert).

Get Beyond Fragmentation, Into Holistic Tech Solutions

The webinar is focused on helping enterprise restaurant operators use technology as a revenue-boosting, efficiency-driving enabler by envisioning a more efficient and manageable future.

We are collectively forging a future where tech enables data-driven insights and revenue opportunities. Together, the trio discuss the current state of POS chaos in the restaurant industry, and how to repair the broken guest experience across channels.

They put forward a solution with a single menu management system that can drive efficiency and flexibility for operators. Overall, proposing a daring new idea: that the future of POS may not even be “POS” as we know it. The architecture of the future is an agile, micro-services mindset that will help restaurant operators get to the promised land of data-driven, unified food experiences.

About Results Thru Strategy

Results Thru Strategy is a strategic advisory firm that specializes in restaurants, hotels, and technology companies that serve the hospitality industry.

About Qu

Qu leverages technology to help restaurant operators better engage their guests. We are an Enterprise scale restaurant technology company. Our mission is to transform restaurant POS beyond its current fragmented state into a manageable, unified experience for enterprise operators and guests alike. 

About Czar Metrics

Czar Metrics is a consulting & analytical outsourcing firm based in New York specializing in analytical solutions for restaurants and retailers.

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