KitchenUP: Powering Host & Ghost Kitchen Concepts

One Platform Manages All Orders & Kitchen Workflow

KitchenUP harnesses light-weight, digital-first architecture to deliver unified order and kitchen management. Qu simplifies the technology stack for restaurant brands by providing our cloud-based Qu-1MENU and 1Tablet solution. All cross-channel, cross-brand menus, orders, management, and reporting is centralized in one consistent place.

Key Features

  Micro-services, API-first, cloud architecture

  One menu with one consistent workflow for DSPs

  Single tablet solution to manage all digital orders

  Bi-directional integrations with 3rd party delivery

  Unified cross-brand, cross-channel reporting 

  One corporate dashboard for management & reports


Restaurant brands and ghost kitchen operators can now:

  • Remove tablet farms and unify production workflows across channels
  • Increase digital order production speed, efficiency and accuracy
  • Access cross-brand menu management and reporting for all on- and off-prem operations
  • Reduce third-party management burdens with centralized administration
  • Enable campaigns to drive traffic from 3PD to first-party ordering
  • Analyze channel, performance and transaction data in one place

Proudly Serving:

  • Host kitchens, powered by Franklin Junction 
  • Cloud, ghost and virtual kitchens
  • Enterprise operators phasing out legacy POS 
  • Use KitchenUP as a stand-alone product or integrate with an existing POS 

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  One Central Processing Engine

  Unified Menu Management

  Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

  Sleek & Speedy Hardware

  Simplified Tech Stack

  Reduced Enterprise IT Expenditure

  24/7 Support