Significant order accuracy improvements on high-volume drive-thru sales with Qu fully deployed

Bethesda, MD (August 1, 2023) eegee’s, an Arizona QSR icon, has fully deployed Qu’s unified commerce platform and is experiencing economic impact wins across the board—from hard cost savings and labor efficiencies to improved speed needed to handle a high volume of drive-thru orders. 

Within the first few months of going live on Qu’s unified ordering and kitchen suite for its 33 locations, eegee’s was able to drastically reduce ordering failures and process transactions faster. The increased ordering fluidity is translating to improved guest experiences with in-store team members spending less time on support calls and more time delivering food. 

 eegee’s heavy drive-thru volume attracted them to Qu’s modern and integrated drive-thru solution, complete with car details, names, and other identifying information on the tickets; plus line-busting tablets—all contributing to a better customer experience.

“We wanted a partner who had alignment and focus within our space. Qu’s ability to handle drive-thru so well meant that other providers were quickly eliminated,” Yahn noted. 

Qu’s connected ordering and fulfillment engine—with a fully integrated kitchen display system (KDS) —has not only increased through-put for the brand, but a future-ready restaurant tech stack is now within reach for eegee’s. Qu’s unique application programming interface (API) structure allows for quick integrations, which has improved data integrity, consistency, and efficiency as the brand looks to tie back and front of house systems closer together.

“Having a single point of entry for the data is an incredible time savings for us. It makes onboarding and extracting payroll data easier and will make rolling out our new back of house products much smoother,” said Yahn.

Additional benefits eegee’s experienced include nearly complete elimination of failed online orders, 70% reduction in point of sales (POS) training hours, increased loyalty engagement, and easier menu management.

“At every turn, Qu does the right thing and takes responsibility. They are there when we need them to be there and fix things quickly,” said Yahn. He continued, “Qu is an example of a true partner in the restaurant technology industry.”  

“With Qu’s solution we saw immediate savings of nearly $100,000 per year, while gaining access to an API-first integration model that’s much faster and easier to use than our previous system,” said Yahn, who was part of the founding group at Denver-based QSR Noodles & Company.

About eegee’s

What started out as a vending truck delivering frozen lemonade quickly developed into the frosty deliciousness known as an “eegee”. This iconic household brand was founded in 1971 and is on a mission to provide relief from the sweltering heat to Tucson residents. The eegee’s founders brought their frozen drinks to schools, sporting games, and concerts. As the brand evolved to master the eegee to be the perfect blend of real fruit and frozen goodness, they also expanded to subs (the original grinder), sandwiches, salads, and ranch tasty enough to drink. 

As if being an iconic household name isn’t enough, eegee’s plays a large role in the community. Donating to shelters, schools, hospitals, and more, the company has gifted more than $3 million to worthy causes. For more information visit and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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