On-the-go ordering



Drive-thru ordering that won’t slow you down

Do laps around your competition, with fully-integrated drive-thru ordering that can reduce service times by 50%. Qu reduces confusion and re-work with dedicated drive-thru order and payment screens. Rev up customer throughput and serve up food with speed, efficiency, and agility.

  • Dedicated drive-thru user interface
  • Active lane and order screens
  • Fire on next or fly, with automated order injection
  • Five concurrent on-screen orders
  • Tablet-based functionality
Reduce wait times by up to 50% with purpose-built drive-thru tech
Increase customer throughput

Faster order-taking and fulfillment. Drive down wait times, and get customers in and out quickly.

Simplify processes

Dedicated order-taking and payments functions, within the store and on mobile POS devices simplifies ordering processes.

Improve control + visibility

Manage multiple orders efficiently, with visibility and management of five lanes at once.

Saved each time a guest pays
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The difference is night and day. I can't wait to get all 11 stores on the system.

- Franchise Manager, Church's Chicken

Fan-Favorite Drive-Thru Ordering Features

  • Order and payment screens designed for drive-thru
  • Monitor and work multiple checks concurrently
  • Quickly switch between order injection modes
  • Order recall and editing

eegee’s Achieves Dramatic Cost, Labor, and Speed Efficiencies with Qu’s Unified Commerce Platform

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