Digital-First POS: 1-Minute Product Demos

See how Qu’s digital-first POS (built before the pandemic) simplifies all your ordering channels. Access plug-and-play functionality at an enterprise POS level with one consistent order flow and data set using a single menu management approach.

KitchenUP: Powering Ghost & Host Kitchens

This video provides an overview of the KitchenUP product, perfect for ghost, host or any virtual kitchen concept. Drive efficiencies across your omni-channel ordering and kitchen workflow tools, enabling faster, more accurate workflows.

Dynamic Stores: Transforming Store & Menu Management

Qu’s Dynamic Stores is a ground-breaking feature that simplifies enterprise restaurant management through expanded categories and grouping options, limitless attributes, and powerful data tagging and inheritance. These features all combine to drive you closer to the promised land of single source of truth data and one view of the guest.

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