Third-Party Ordering

Third-Party Success.



Directly integrated

One consistent menu.

Say goodbye to tablet hell and hello to revenue heaven by automating all your delivery orders through a centralized, data-first system that surfaces one consistent menu.
By consolidating your ordering flow into one system, complexity and mistakes become thing of the past. Now you can focus on serving your delicious food to guests and converting them to first party.
  • Direct integrations with major delivery partners
  • One system to manage all menus and prices
  • Contextual management for items, hours, and day parts
  • Rapid validation and updating of partner menus
Native delivery integrations increase sales by 25%
Consolidate systems

Say farewell to in-store tablet farms, with a consolidated third-party ordering solution. 

Improve order accuracy

Swift, error-free order processing with Qu’s unified platform.

Surface real-time data & insights

Unified menu creation and data normalization gives you access to the most complete data set

Increase in third-party orders
0 %
As we examined every aspect of technology at our locations, we knew that we needed to have a uniform option to benefit both our franchisees and guests.

- Former CEO, Saladworks

Features Customers Rave About:

  • Consolidated single menu management
  • Automated order acceptance and validation in POS
  • Ability to convert guests from third to first-party 
  • Direct POS and KDS integration & flow
  • Dynamic menu items and pricing 
  • Service fee reporting for delivery partners

How to Start Loving Third-Party Delivery

Top 10 Components of a
Unified Commerce Platform

Third-Party Ordering
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