Single Menu Management

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Menu Mayhem.


Single menu management empowers brands with one administrative system for all locations, brands, and channels. Make a change in one place, and see those changes inherited across your menus, brands, and locations in seconds. Whether you have 20 or 2,000 locations, a unified menu management approach empowers brands with unrivaled speed, consistency and flexibility. 

  • Dynamic, contextual menu management
  • Limitless item, pricing, and promotional customization
  • Unified ordering experiences
  • Enhanced data security
  • Single API structure and database
Centralized administration reduces management time by up to 90%
One menu to rule them all

Centralized menu management to offer your guests consistent ordering experiences, no matter which channel they’re ordering from.

Drive Profitability

Improve your top and bottom lines with reduced management time, enhanced speed to market, and faster response times.

Drive success with data

Create dynamic store groupings based on categories of similar data, and easily access analytics on menu item performance.

As we examined every aspect of technology at our locations, we knew that we needed to have a uniform option to benefit both our franchisees and guests.

- Former Chief Executive Officer, Saladworks

Key Single Menu Management Features

  • Cross-channel menu management
  • Unified view of menu and item data
  • Deep item customization capabilities
  • Single operations and menu database
  • Centralized brand administration

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