If you don’t have mobile access to real-time performance data for your restaurants, you’re losing money. It’s that simple.

Does this scenario describe you? 

Your current POS, data, or commerce platform has rich real-time data — but it takes you many minutes, or even hours to access and analyze it. By the time you download and review the data, it’s too late to make a change that helps the bottom line. The revenues are lost; the labor costs are sunk. 

Unfortunately, this is a very common scenario for multi-unit restaurant owners and managers, because the technology hasn’t existed to deliver that data into the hands of your store managers and franchisees. 

The Data You Need to Make Confident Business Decisions

It’s harder than ever to keep your restaurant profitable and operational given the non-slowing labor and supply chain challenges. All of us at Qu want to make it just a little bit easier for you to run your restaurant profitably. That’s where Notify comes in.

Now you can think, act, and manage your business ebbs and flows more confidently. And in a way that improves your bottom line.

What is Notify?

Notify is Qu’s voice-activated and AI-enabled real-time reporting app. It goes wherever you and your mobile phone go. When you’re in between stores, in your car, or on the run you can check on store sales, top selling items, labor to net sales percentage, and other critical metrics needed to run your restaurant for success in 2022. 

We like to call Notify your new “work BFF.”  The data-driven decision-making assistant that follows you everywhere. It’s BYOD/OS agnostic, accessible anytime from your Android or iPhone device(s). It’s the eyes and ears of your business that works even when you’re not.

Even better – you can set up alerts to “Get Notified” whenever any of your KPIs run above or below your pre-set thresholds, including staff overtime, cash, voids, and more.

“Part of being innovative is figuring out how to take technology into areas where there may not be an immediate need for it, but there could be an immediate value for it. That’s how Notify was born.”

Making technology invisible in the restaurant with Amir Hudda

Amir Hudda, Qu CEO

Get Full-Picture Store Performance Data, in a Heartbeat

Use Notify to find out everything you need to know about your restaurant’s sales and operating performance with an in-App experience – every minute of the day. 

Key features include:


automated alerts can be configured based on the custom metrics you deem most valuable for monitoring store performance. Surface your most valuable opportunities for controlling costs and improving sales. For example, get alerted any time of the day about: 

    • Employees who are close to overtime 
    • When net sales dip below store average 
    • Labor to net sales percentage
    • New menu items that have low or high sales
    • Number of Employees Clocked in
    • … in one or all of your stores

Smart alerts can be configured with store comparison data, or any sales, menu, labor, and operating metrics you set up. 

Voice and Chat Feed 

Qu experimented with voice technology prior to the pandemic. Soon after, Notify was developed and we integrated our voice, chat, and text capabilities into the mobile app to provide the mobile-friendly functionality busy franchisees and store managers lacked. It mimics your smartphone feed.

It’s as simple as saying “Siri, what are my net sales in Fairfield today?” and voila – the data appears in your feed.  Talk to our BI assistant right from your car, anywhere you have a connection!

Summarized Mobile Dashboard

Notify surfaces your critical business data and performance metrics on the main dashboard in one quick glimpse. See how stores are performing against budget, forecast, and benchmark. A typical Notify dashboard includes: 

    • Net Sales, Check Counts, Payments, Average Check Size, Gross Sales, Discounts, Cash, Voids, Service Charges, Taxes, Item Sales & Gift Card Sales.
    • Other important metrics can be added or removed based on what matters most to your restaurant. 
    • Monitor one store, a group of stores, or your full enterprise from one screen.
    • Manage labor stresses and staffing more confidently with instant data.

The machine learning models and AI function within Notify provide sales and labor forecasting based on previous store performance. These predictive analytics help you adjust staffing levels in advance, particularly helpful in today’s labor shortage environment. 

Big Benefits

“We’re particularly impressed with Qu’s mobile reporting and voice-enabled app Notify, which greatly benefits our franchisees and store managers with quick, easy access to their sales data.”

Huey Magoo’s, Head of IT

If the benefits aren’t yet obvious, we’ll summarize them now! After all, Notify’s digital reporting and analytics assistant is a fan favorite among all Qu’s customers and franchisees. What they love about it:

  • Better manage labor based on business fluctuations and sales
  • Make faster decisions and pivot instantly, based on real-time information
  • Surface the most valuable opportunities for driving sales and profit margins
  • Minimize business losses
  • Optimize business performance
  • Manage your business on the move, from anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time insights in feed format – no drill-downs required!
  • Simplicity and ease

 “The Notify app has been a game changer. Summarized & detailed info at my fingertips! My GM’s have said it makes managing labor much quicker. Knowledge is power and Notify provides the instant power of knowledge.” – Stephen Lowery, Global Franchise Group

Who did we build it for? Franchisees, Store Managers, and Corporate Teams. All of them. 

For corporate teams of enterprise size, multi-unit, and multi-brand restaurants it gives the visibility to look across stores nationwide, comparing performance in locations and different brands. 

Notify takes the pressure off Franchisees and Store Managers to understand and analyze the data. Notify acts as their eyes and ears, giving a metaphorical tap on the shoulder when the analytical data doesn’t make sense. 

Find out how you can pivot your business and optimize performance through Notify. 

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