Case Study

Blaze Pizza

How Qu helped one of the largest Blaze Franchisees eliminate voids and improve order accuracy

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The Challenge

High Volume of Voids Depleted the Bottom Line

Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual artisanal pizza brand that prides itself on its high-quality ingredients and quick service. However, the company was facing a challenge: a high volume of voids and deletes. Voids are orders that are canceled or re-rung, and deletes are items that are removed from an order. These can be costly for businesses, as they represent lost revenue.

Millennial Restaurant Group (MRG), one of the largest Blaze Pizza franchisees, was determined to find a solution to the void and delete problem. The company turned to Qu, a unified commerce platform that provides businesses with a modern, transparent way to manage their orders.

The Solution

Modern POS Platform Reduces Ordering Errors & Voids

Top 10 Components of a
Unified Commerce Platform

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