Case Study

Rapid Fired Pizza & Hot Head Burritos

Fueling the rise of two high-growth brands with pioneering ordering technology, unified menu management, and back-end administration solutions.

reduction in time and resources spent on menu management
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increase in online ordering uptime
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platform and product uptime
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The Challenge

Needed: Scale, Speed, and Stability

As two fast-growing chains with over 120 locations nationwide, Rapid Fired Pizza and Hot Head Burritos outgrew their initial legacy POS, first-gen cloud systems, and online ordering solution. With growth and scalability impacted by a lack of reliability and uptime, two brands needed a technology stack that could provide truly stable operations.
  • Unreliable, unstable technology impacting growth
  • Frequent online ordering service interruptions 
  • Complex menu management 
  • In-store tablet farms for third-party delivery providers
  • Slow, constricted data flow across applications
The Solution

Delivered: Tech to drive multi-brand growth

Top 10 Components of a
Unified Commerce Platform

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