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Luke's Lobster

Scalability and rapid growth, enabled by Qu's consolidated order, unified data and API-first approach.

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Decrease in time to make menu changes
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Increase in digital orders from April 2020 - June 2021
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Reduction in resources required to make operational changes
The Challenge

Constrained by technology roadblocks

To manage rapid growth and to integrate multiple application partners, Luke’s Lobster needed enterprise-level technology to increase their site count and broaden their reach. Luke’s began its operations with a legacy, client-server based POS and then gave a tablet POS solution a try. Soon, however, the company realized that both systems lacked the stability and feature sets they needed to scale up their operations.
  • Lack of stable Point of Sale
  • Limited functionality and feature sets
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate with partners
  • Extensive time required to maintain POS, menu, and items
  • Inability to extract meaningful, actionable data
The Solution

A POS platform to enable growth and scale

After a rigorous selection and vendor grading process, the need for a POS platform that worked with their existing partners through an API-centric architecture made Qu the top choice for Luke’s. Qu’s enterprise-class unified commerce engine that offered Luke the scalability and extensibility that the company needed, as well as a platform that integrates directly with third-party application partners and makes integrating with these outside systems seamless.
  • Highly-stable, reliable Point of Sale
  • Feature-rich guest engagement and management solutions
  • Integration-friendly architecture and platform
  • Centralized, unified menu management
  • Free-flowing, normalized data

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