The restaurant POS industry has existed for many decades, going all the way back to the original cash registers, and it has evolved by leaps and bounds from its early days. Today the space is dominated by legacy vendors that have been around for many decades. But the change towards modern cloud-based systems geared towards the needs of today’s enterprise restaurant chains is gaining force. In fact, most large chains are committed to going to a cloud-based platform.
Newer players in the POS space, such as Revel, Toast, and Qu, are revolutionizing the POS space and addressing the challenges of legacy client-server technologies. However, while similar, each one of these companies offers something different – from their area of focus, to their flexibility in integrating with other products, or their forward-thinking approach to the POS as a central hub for restaurants.
Hear Amir Hudda’s thoughts on how the POS space is changing, what restaurants can do to keep up with these trends, and why Qu is the right solution for fast casual and quick service chains.

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