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Qu’s innovative microservices-led architecture provides distributed restaurant chains with three unique layers of redundancy, ensuring continuous operations at all times:

  • Peer to Public Cloud: Every client is independently connected to the public cloud, removing single points of failure
  • Peer to Peer: In case connectivity is lost or the cloud slows down, restaurants avoid data loss, with every terminal and device connected to each other and sharing data
  • Peer to In-store Cloud: Every terminal and device is connected to the in-store cloud, adding another layer of redundancy and increasing operational speed

Three layers of redundancy. Unparalleled resilience.

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Qu’s Commerce Cloud, powered by innovative API-forward architecture and distributed edge computing, gives brands the ability to maintain connectivity and stable operations, even when connections are interrupted or slowed down:

  • Unrivaled stability and reliability, with three layers of failover
  • Fewer lost transactions, due to the ability to continue taking payments
  • Higher levels of guest & employee satisfaction, with increased uptime & platform stability
  • A modern, scalable technology stack that supports growth-oriented brands

The continuity and peace of mind that our platform provides is a game-changer for brands that want to pull ahead of the competition and prepare for the future.

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