Case Study


Multi-brand and co-brand capabilities, powered by Qu’s modern suite of ordering, kitchen, and enterprise management tools.

From 50 to 1 POS
increase in delivery sales due to direct 3rd party integration
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The Challenge

Archaic, inefficient technology

As a multi-brand conglomerate acquiring new brands and launching co-branded concepts, WOWorks’ previous assortment of 50+ point-of-sale platforms was simply unsustainable. WOWorks decided to undertake a large technology overhaul that would unite its brands, and solve its systems administration and point-of-sale platform challenges.

  • Lack of integration and customization capabilities 
  • Inconsistent guest and employee experiences 
  • Challenges managing different POS across locations and brands
  • Complex vendor and partner relationships 
  • Inability to scale and keep up with aggressive growth plans
The Solution

Fresh food, powered by fresher technology

Top 10 Components of a
Unified Commerce Platform

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