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There’s a fear among restaurant operators that integrating new technology in their stores will cause crashes and instability. In this third and final part of our mini-series, Amir Hudda, the CEO of Qu discusses why trust between the technology provider and the restaurant operator is crucial to future success. 

“There are enough advances in technology that you can build a platform from the ground up that will work for the next 20 years. That technology is here today, and it’s time to embrace it.”

Find out how POS technology has evolved throughout the years and what it means to go “Beyond POS.” 


🍽 Name: Amir Hudda, CEO, Qu
🍽 Where to find Amir: LinkedIn

Key Insights

🎙️Beyond POS is: Uniforming the guest experience and driving operational efficiency by providing real data value. The data that flows in/from POS is more important than anything else for restaurant operators. Qu’s system lets them make decisions in a quasi-real-time fashion allowing them to serve guests in-store and digitally in a more meaningful way.

🎙️Out with the old. POS companies cannot survive by doing things the old wayAllowing restaurant brands to be more nimble and efficient in serving guests anytime anywhere and going beyond traditional ways of building technology is critical.

🎙️A glance back.  As with most companies, navigating the pandemic was difficult for Qu. Amir feels fortunate to have investors who put trust in them to innovate and a team who collectively stepped up to make these technology advancements happen.

“The investment we made in our people and our technology is here to stay and will add value to our brand partners and our customers for a very long time.

🎙️Looking forward.  “I’m excited to share everything we’ve built over the last 2 years. We’ve talked a lot about things like Notify and Edge Computing but there’s a lot more to come and I’m looking forward to educating restaurants not only about what we created by why we created them.” 

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