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How to Attract & Retain Digital Consumers: Revving up Your Sales – Rev Ciancio of Branded Strategic Hospitality

On this episode of Restaurants Reinvented, host Jen Kern talks with Rev Ciancio about the customer journey and how to attract and retain customers using digital marketing and in-person marketing. He talks about the sales funnel and how people today discover restaurants, recommending that marketers reverse-engineer the funnel, starting at the bottom instead of the top. 

Shifting From the Dine-In to the Drive-Thru Experience – Jodie Conrad of Fazoli’s

Jodie Conrad, Fazoli’s CMO, has focused on boosting the chain’s off-premise dining initiatives — and the fruits of her efforts are paying off as the brand is experiencing 7% sales increase YOY — while also dealing with a pandemic! On this episode of Restaurants Reinvented, Jodie talks candidly about how the pandemic has affected Fazoli’s and how the company has pivoted its marketing efforts in response.

Leveraging Direct-to-Consumer Strategies – Kelly Parriott, Flight and Flute

“Marketers agree the time has come to think and act differently,” says Kelly, a marketing, branding, and consumer insights expert that’s represented category leaders from Target to Outback Steakhouse and 7-11. She explains the most effective way marketers can collect useful data, adopt a direct-to-consumer mindset, redefine loyalty, and how to best meet guests where they are today. Above all, now is the time to Test & Learn and validate your data.

Digital-First POS: 1-Minute Product Demos

See how Qu’s digital-first POS (built before the pandemic) simplifies all your ordering channels. Access plug-and-play functionality at an enterprise POS level with one consistent order flow and data set using a single menu management approach.

One Juicy Recipe for Turnaround Brand Success – Alan Magee, Church’s Chicken

Alan Magee loves working with turnaround brands, guiding them through digital transformation and paving the way for stronger growth and customer experiences. On this episode of Restaurants Reinvented, we talk with Alan about the recipe for success with turnaround brands; personalized marketing’s vital role in brand loyalty; data-driven marketing; and the often-overlooked process of change management with technology adoption.

The Real Scoop on Data, Personalization & Taking Your Seat at the Table – Erin Levzow, Del Taco

Del Taco created a new position for Erin Levzow: VP of Marketing Technology, and you’ll hear why on this episode. Erin’s fresh perspective includes challenging the status quo when it comes to everything from big data, RFPs, and personalization to loyalty. An early digital marketing native, this tech-minded marketing executive brings years of experience in hotels — and for leading restaurant brands like Wingstop and Freebirds — to Del Taco where she’s focused on building a strong foundation for future growth and scale.

Staying Relevant with The Guest – Laura Purser, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Meet Laura Purser, the VP of Marketing behind the rapidly growing and super-fun Fuzzy’s Taco brand. Laura talks about all the ways the brand has pushed through the pandemic to overcome common off-prem obstacles, while opening 4 new locations and seeking to stay relevant with guests. The vibe is real and fun inside a Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and Laura talks about how her biggest challenge now is delivering that same vibe home with the food. With 40% take-away and 60% dine-in, she expects the off-prem surge to continue and discusses how her brand is embracing technology and data to better serve guests.

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